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Andros mini-trekking self-guided 2020
Travel code: CAWM210I
Tour type: Hiking-medium
Travel type: Self-guided mini-trekking
Area: Cyclades islands
Number of days: 9 (may be shortened or extended)
Day 1

Arrival in Ormos Korthiou

From the airport of Athens you take the public bus to Rafina (40 minutes), there the ferryboat to Gavrio (2 hours) and finally the public bus to Ormos Korthiou, where your arrangement starts. The landlord awaits you at the bus stop and brings you to your accommodation.

Day 2

From the Tromarchiani monastery along shepherd villages to Ormos Korthiou (CA20021x)

After a visit of the monastery you walk back to the asphalt road by a concrete road with great views over the sea. You continue by a lovely path in the direction of Korthi bay, along meadows, chapels, threshing-floors and villages with attractive springs. The last 15 minutes from the village of Aidoni (‘nightengale’) are on a quiet asphalt road back to Ormos Korthiou. A very relaxed walk with almost continually sea views.

  walking time/distance: 3h / 9.7km
ascent/descent: 85m / 330m
start/finish: Tromarchiani monastery / Ormos Korthiou

Day 3

From Ormos Korthiou to Chora by the Kastro Faneromenis (CA02011x)

You leave Korthi Bay and ascend to the Faneromeni castle with its homonymous chapel. The views over the island and the sea are fabulous. You descend into Dipotamata valley and pass the historical bridge. Through the village of Sineti and walled paths over a hill you reach Chora. The walk may be shortened by skipping the castle itself.

  walking time/distance: 5h40’ / 16.1km
ascent/descent: 720m / 680m
start/finish: Ormos Korthiou / Chora

Day 4

Circular walk Chora along history and water (CA01011c)

From Niborio beach you ascend gradually to Apikia with the Sariza Springs. From here a detour to Pythara: a series of small waterfalls in a charming stream.
From Apikia you descend past the historical living tower of Bisti-Mouvelas, the Lion bridge and the Empereikos watermill to Gialia beach. Over a rocky hill you reach Niborio beach again.

walking time/distance: 3h35’ / 11.2 km
ascent/descent: 520m
start/finish: Chora Niborio

Day 5

By the Panachrandou monastery to Chora (CA13011x)

In Agia Triada village starts the path towards the Aladinou cave (to be visited on appointment). Near a lake with turpins you choose the longer walk by the Panachrandou monastery.
It’s a hefty walk, but the monastery is worth every drop of sweat! The location is splendid and if you arrive before 2 a.m. the hospitable monks gladly show you the wonderful icons in the church.
Past the monastery you descend by a wide walled path until the crossroads of “Petrias”, where you meet the direct route from Aladinou. You reach Chora through the valley of Livadia.

walking time/distance: 5h20’ / 13.8km
ascent/descent: 665m / 835m
start/finish: Agia Triada / Chora

Day 6

From the Olive Press Museum to Batsi (CA08041x)

Olive Press Museum AndrosYou start at the animal powered Olive Press Museum in Ano Pitrofos. The museum awarded as one of the TOP10 museums in Greece and offers a unique museum’s experience! Dimitris, the owner and son of the latest miller, is a civil engineer and he is originated from Pitrofos. He restaured the mill to be ready for use. He tells the history of the building and animated stories about process of obtaining olive oil. He’s not present every day, but if you wish we try to arrange a visit!
After your visit you walk by the historical connecting route to the west side of the island to Ano Aprovatou with taverna “the balcony of the Aegean” (not always open!). From there a historical kalderimi down to Batsi harbour.

walking time/distance: 4h15’ / 13.0km
ascent/descent: 270m / 710m
start/finish: Ano Pitrofos / Batsi

Day 7

Along the Agios Petros village to Gavrio (CA04031x)

The walk starts in the harbour of Batsi, where you can stock up for lunch or have a coffee. You ascend by mountain paths to a plateau. From there yu may make a detour to the inhabited Agias or Zoodochos Pigi monastery which you can visit if properly dressed. Another small ascent and then it’s down again.
You pass the village of Agios Petros with its lovely spring and the tower on the hillside. After the village you descend all the way to the harbour of Gavrio.

walking time/distance: 3h40’ / 10.1km
ascent/descent: 435m
start/finish: Batsi / Gavrio

Day 8

Along the Frousei watermills to Gavrio (CA22031x)

The start of the very varied “watermill-tour” is just past the Agia Irini chapel. You may make an optional detour to the Agios Stathis chapel: a charming church on the slope (20’ extra). Then you walk along the shaded valley past many watermill ruins.
After 2½ hours you'll reach the Amolochos bridge; from there you ascend along paths and dirt roads to the villages Amolochos and Bliometi. In Bliometi the classical tower Gianouli-Dimitri is restaured and again inhabited; you’ll see it from a distance. You keep ascending over a ridge with great views over sea towards the east, until you’ve reached the Stavros chapel; from there you veer to the west. At the Profitis Ilias chapel starts the descent. You’ll pass some more chapels in Ano (“Upper”) Gavrio and continue the descent until the harbour of Gavrio, where the walk ends.
You may end your walk in Bliometi or Ano Gavrio and call a taxi to take you into Gavrio.

walking time/distance: 6h / 17.2km
ascent/descent: 615m / 920m
start/finish: start path 14 / Gavrio

Day 9

Departure from Gavrio

You walk to the harbour and sail back to Rafina.
Should your flight be early, then you sail back the evening before and stay overnight in Rafina (extra cost). The hotel has a shuttle bus service to the airport.

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