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South Pindos mini-trekking self-guided 2020
Travel code: PTWM210I
Tour type: Hiking-medium
Travel type: Self-guided mini-trekking
Area: South Pindos
Number of days: 8 (extendable)
Tour description

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The Pindos mountain range runs along the borders of Epiros and Thessalia provinces in the northwestern mainland of Greece.
The Arachthos river has made deep impressions in the landscape causing sharp peaks and narrow deep gorges. The rock is a mixture of soft sandstone, hard schists and watersoluble limestone, creating caves, waterfalls and underground rivers.

You’ll walk on the slopes of the mountain ranges Tzoumerka and Lakmos and along the Arachthos river. You’ll encounter local culture in the form of old watermills, a ‘nerotrivio’, a deserted monastery, local musea and UNESCO-protected villages.

This is a hiking tour for active people who enjoy peace and nature and take an interest in local culture.

road chapel man on mule local museum Kalarites Tzoumerka range

About the walks
You make a mini-trekking with walks between 3½ and 4½ hours net time (without breaks). One day you’ll have a transfer followed by a walk to the next accommodation, the next day is a (circular) walk from this accommodation.

The routes mostly follow small dirt roads and forest paths and are not prone to vertigo. We do advise you to start the tour well trained and prepared with well worn-in ankle-high walking boots.

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