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North Pindos light trekking self-guided 2023
Travel code: PZWT113I
Tour type: Hiking-light
Travel type: Self-guided trekking
Area: North Pindos (Zagoria)
Number of days: 8 (extendable)
Tour description

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The Pindos mountain range runs along the borders of Epiros and Thessalia provinces in the northwestern mainland of Greece.
The North Pindos is famous for its Zagoria villages with their stone houses and paved mule paths (kalderimia) and the Vikos Gorge. In this area you walk along the characteristic stone formations that look like piles of coins (schists) and spectacular planes with breathtaking views.

You make a trekking with daily walks of 2½ to 3½ hours net walking time. You may extend your stay in every accommodation for an extra day to relax.

This is a hiking tour for active people who like to have the time to enjoy the peace and nature of the Greek mountains at ease.

near Oxia taking a break on the stone piles Koukouli

About the walks
Most walks are on narrow and sometimes steep mountain paths. Generally the paths are cleared and marked. You will find loose stones on your path and steep drop-offs on the sides. You must be sure-footed and fit and not prone to vertigo.

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