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Kassandra active tour self-guided 2020
Travel code: MKAS210I
Tour type: Hike & Bike
Travel type: Self-guided location
Area: Halkidiki-Kassandra
Number of days: 8 (may be extended)
Tour description

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Kassandra is one of the ‘fingers’of the Halkidiki peninsula and is situated in the north of Greece, southeast of Thessaloniki.

The climate on Kassandra is moderate with little rain and per year 300 days on which the sun shows itself! . Mid July until end August it can be hot and in this high season the island is often crowded with (beach) tourists.
In spring (April, May, June) you’ll find lots of flowers and also September-November are lovely mild months for walking and biking

The program consists of 3 biking routes and 3 walks. The biking routes are circular and start and end in Kallithea (one passes Nea Fokea); for the walks you’re taken to the start and collected at the end.

This tour is meant for people who are curious about the nature, culture and hinterland of a well-known beach holiday island.

chapel of Apostle Paul rock formation near Loutra Kassandra coast line

The day trips
Alternately you make 3 circular bicycle tours and 3 linear walks. The bicycle tours are 50km to 63km, mostly on quiet asphalt roads and sometimes on gravel roads; shortcuts are possible. The walks are 15km to 20km and lead you mostly by gravel roads and some paths; the longest walk (20km) may be shortened to 13½km.

General tour information
While walking and cycling you’ll explore the whole island. You’ll find splendid rock formations (‘geomorfiès’), vast beaches, lakes and inland seas with rare kinds of terrapins and many birds, and you’ll walk on the middle of the island with views to the sea on both sides.
Near Kallithea you’ll visit the archeological site of Zeus Ammon. Along the coast, f.i. at Nea Fokea, you’ll see old watch towers. Everywhere are charming little chapels with a history going back to the Apostle Paul.
The bicycle tours take you along lovely villages with ample opportunities for a break.

You may extend your stay with extra days to explore the island with more walks, bicycle tours or by rental car, to make a cruise on Kassandra Bay along the islet Kelifos, to rent a boat, to go scuba-diving or a relaxing day in the Spa. Your host will gladly advise and assist!

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