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South Pelion Trail self-guided 2020 – NEW!
Travel code: SPWT220I
Tour type: Hiking-medium
Travel type: Self-guided trekking
Area: Pilion peninsula
Number of days: 6-7 (may be extended or shortened)
Tour description

(Click here for the complete tour description as document.)

NEW TOUR 2020!

The trekking starts in Platanias in the south of the peninsula. Every day you walk to the next accommodatie (luggage is transferred), but you may extend your holiday with more overnight stays per accommodation.
With the 6-day tour you walk directly from Platanias to Argalasti; with the 7-day tour you make an extra stop-over in Milina at the coast (red line on the tour location map). From several locations we offer more (circular) walks. You may also add extra days to take a rest or to relax on the beach. In Milies you may change track to one of our hiking tours in the Central Pilion.

About the Pilion
The Pilion peninsula is curled around the Pegasitic Gulf. The sloping coastline along this bay offers lots of sandy beaches and charming villages. The coastline on the outer side, towards the Egean Sea, is more rough and consists of cliffs with hidden beaches and inlets. From the south rises the mountain range transversing the peninsula, with further north mysterious forests and gurgling streams.

About the walks
Net mean walking time is between 3½ and 5½ hours (that is excluding breaks). Two days you may choose a longer walk. You may split the first stage in two days, with an extra overnight stay in Milina next to the beach.

Friends of the KalderimiYou often walk on wide ‘kalderimia’ (historical mule paths), sometimes on dirt roads, sometimes on small paths. In the description you’ll find the details so you can adapt your clothes and equipment accordingly. The routes are signposted and show on the hiking map; the paths are well maintained by The Friends of the Kalderimi.

The tour is for people who are curious to an unknown area and love the alternation between sea and inland.

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