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Tips-paramedical 5/03/2023 According to the new First Aid rules a tour leader can do little more than wash a wound with (preferably sterile) water and cover it: “no lotion lees meer
Kastritsa: something for everybody near Ioannina 31/05/2020 Kastritsa: something for everybody near IoanninaIoannina is the capital of the region Epirus, in the northwest of Greece. The town in itself is worth lees meer
Katsanochoria: the villages around us 6/12/2019 The Katsanochoria is an area south of Ioannina in the region Epiros (or: Epirus). It consists of 11 villages and is situated on the foot of the Xirovo lees meer
Greek New Year’s Day 1/01/2009 Just like in most countries you wish everyone a Happy New Year. But did you know that these kinds of wishes are made the whole year through? “Go lees meer