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Travel selection

There are three categories: Trip type, Kind of trip and Trip location.

  • If you select more items within a category, you’ll get the tours to which apply one of the criteria. Should you enter ‘Biking’ and ‘Hiking-light’ you’ll see both bicycle tours and the light hiking tours.
  • If you select items in more categories you’ll get the tours that apply to both criteria. Should you enter ‘Biking’ and ‘Hiking-light’ and ‘Islands’ you’ll see the bicycle tours and light hiking tours on islands.
  • It is possible to choose a combination that has no results, in that case you’ll see the message ‘geen items gevonden’.

Trip type

  • Biking: As we offer only a limited amount of bicycle tours we don’t subdivide in difficulty.
  • Drive & Walk: You drive around with your (rental) car and make (circular) walks on the way, often from the accommodation. You might be transferred and walk back, or you may be picked up at the end of your walk. More tours will follow in this category.
  • Hiking-light: Not too strenuous tours with daily walks of at most 4 hours excluding breaks.
  • Hiking-medium: Medium tours with most daily walks of 4 – 6 hours excluding breaks.
  • Hiking-strenuous: Tours with at least one day walk of more than 6 hours or more than 1000m ascent which is not to be shortened, or with one or more overnight stays in mountain refuges without luggage transfer.

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Kind of trip

  • Guided: only bicyle tours.
  • Self-guided mini-trekking: with a mini-trekking you’ll stay 2 or more nights per accommodation and then walk on to the next accommodation. The days you spend in the same accommodation you’ll make one or more circular walks or you’ll be transferred and walk back to your accommodation. Your luggage will be transferred.
  • Self-guided location: you’ll stay in the same accommodation the whole tour. Where necessary you’ll be transferred to the start of the walk and/or picked up at the end.
  • Self-guided trekking: with a trekking you’ll walk (almost) every day to the next accommodation, usually with luggage transfer.

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Trip location

  • Coast and mountains: tours on the mainland where you’ll often see the sea (Pilion).
  • Islands: tours on an island.
  • Mainland: tours without sea on the mainland.

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