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Naxos-Santorini self-guided walking tour 2023
Travel code: CNWH213I
Tour type: Hiking-medium
Travel type: Self-guided semi-trekking
Area: Cyclades islands
Number of days: 8 (may be extended)
Tour description

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Naxos and Santorini belong to the Cyclades islands and are situated in the Egean Sea. Santorini has an airport; the connection to Naxos is by ferryboat.

On Naxos you’ll stay 4 nights in Naxos town (Chora), close to the harbour. Here four walks are described. You’ll explore f.i. the highest summit of the island, Zas, with spectaculair views all around you.
On Santorini you’ll stay 3 nights in or just outside Akrotiri, a village on the quiet southwest side of the island. Here are 4 walks in your package, f.i. along the archeological site of Old Thira and over the highest summit, Profitis Ilias.
You may choose between the standard hotels or upgrade hotels.

It’s a tour for active people that want to enjoy culture and nature and the contrasts between the lively (toeristic) villages and a traditional innerland.

Tour highlights

  • The 2800 year old Kouros statues on Naxos.
  • 360° round view from the summit Zas (1000m altitude).
  • Old paved paths on both islands.
  • The ‘caldera’ (crater) on Santorini with the white villages on top.
  • The vineyards in black sand.
  • The archeological sites of Thira and Akrotiri.

About the walks
The walks take place on (paved) paths, gravel roads and small stretches on quiet asphalt roads. The net walking time is between 2½ and 5½ hours, some days you may choose from two routes.

The paths are well maintained and often paved, but they might be stony. We thus recommend you to start the tour well trained and prepared with well worn-in ankle-high walking boots.

Santorini bay Santorini Megalochori Naxos Fotodotis monastery

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