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Hiking on Andros with AnnaHiking

Walking on Andros

Andros is an island in the Cyclades and is situated in the Egean Sea. You can reach it easily from Athens.

The volunteer organization Andros Routes maintains the existing paths, opens new paths and waymarks the paths. End 2015 the European Ramblers Association certified the Andros Route (100 kilometers) as Leading Quality Trail/Best of Europe. The route consists of 10 stages.

AnnaHiking arrangements on Andros

AnnaHiking made several self-guided hiking tours of various difficulty along this Andros Route and along the other described paths. All hiking arrangements may be altered to your wishes.

  • Trekking along the Andros Route (CAWT310I)
    This 12-day trekking follows the 10 stages of the Andros Route from south to north. We extended some of the daily stages to reach your accommomodation. There’s an option for a 10-day trekking taking in 8 stages.
  • Andros mini-trekking taking in 4 accommodations (CAWM210I)
    This is a 9-day tour with a selection of (in our view) the very best hikes. Should your time be limited, you may leave out some of the walks. Should you have more time, you may add walks from every accommodation and/or rest days.
  • Andros light program (CAWM110I)
    For the hiker who prefers smaller daily walks we made a light program taking in 4 accommodations. The walks are at most 3½ hour net walking time.
  • Extensions per location
    From all accommodations there are more hikes available. You may also book extra days to relax on the beach or to make excursions. We gladly advise you.