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Hiking on the Cyclades islands with AnnaHiking

Walking on the Cyclades islands

The Cyclades are situated in a circle (‘kyklos’) in the Egean Sea. The islands are famous for their photogenic square white houses with blue doorposts and window frames, their beautiful beaches and cozy villages.

The climate on the Cyclades is gentle. The days are warm early in the year, but the spring nights are still cool. Best travelling time is April until June, with nature at it’s prettiest, or September/October with the sea water temperature still very agreeable.

AnnaHiking offers hiking holidays on the following Cyclades islands:


Andros is the most northern island of the Cyclades, easily reached from Athens (Rafina) by ferry. It’s quite mountaneous; the highest summit is almost 1000m altitude. On Andros you’ll find lots of water; it’s also the greenest island of the archipelago.

On October of 2015 the European Ramblers Association ERA certified thé Andros Route (100 km length) as Leading Quality Trail/Best of Europe. Our routes follow this Andros Route as much as possible.

We offer 3 ‘standard’ individual tour programs on Andros, all of which may be shortened or extended with days for rest or extra walks. The walks of the programs may be combined to a tailor-made package. Feel free to ask for advice without obligations.

  1. Trekking along the Andros Route (10 or 12 days)
  2. Andros mini-trekking taking in 4 accommodations (9 days)
  3. Andros light program (8 days)


Tinos is situated just south-east of Andros and can be reached by ferry from Rafina (along Andros), Piraeus, Naxos or Santorini. The highest summit is the Exombourgo at 640m. You’ll encounter many of the characteristic dovecotes, the most exquisite of the Cyclades. Tinos is known as the ‘Lourdes of Greece’ and on the 15th of August one will find thousands of (Greek) pelgrims in Tinos Chora who go to the holy Panagia Evangelistria church.

We offer a 7-day hiking arrangement with overnight stays in the village Falatados and then the harbour town Chora. The arrangement may be shortened or extended.


Naxos is with 430km2 the largest Cyclades island and can be reached by airplay from Athens or by ferry from Piraeus or Santorini. It’s been famous for centuries for its marble, wine, cheeses and local lemon liqueur (Kitron). There are many places of interest like various ancient temples, the Kouroi statues and towers. The island is rather mountaneous, with Zas as highest summit at 1000m altitude. There are splendid hiking paths through a varied landscape, with the Naxos Strada as continuous route.

Our hiking arrangements are:

  1. Naxos and Santorini combined (8 days)
  2. Trekking along the Naxos Strada (10 days)

Santorini (combination with Naxos)

Santorini is actually a group of islands and islets within the Cyclades which came into being after a massive outburst of the vulcano around 1600 BC. It’s situated like a crescent around the ‘caldera’ or crater. The island offers vast beaches with black, brown and red sand and pebbles. In the black sand on the plain stand the grapes that produce wine with an exceptional taste. The sundown is an experience not to be missed!
Santorini has an airport with charter flights from various destinations. It can also be reached by ferry from Piraeus.

We offer an 8-day hiking arrangement in combination with Naxos. The arrangement may be extended.

Kea (Tzia)

Kea is situated the closest to the mainland from all Cyclades islands: one hour by ferryboat from Lavrio, the port on the south of Attica. The surface is just 131km2, the highest summit is Profitis Ilias with 568m altitude. The history dates back to the Neolithicum.

We offer an 8-day hiking arrangement along the cultural highlights of Athens and Kea.