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 Cycling in Greece

Biking in Greece

Greek hardly ride bicycles, and if they do, they mostly go downhill on a mountainbike. There are consequently little bicycle tracks, service points and cycling routes, and the e-bike is a rare phenomenon in the inland. But things are changing! So have the municipalities of Delphi and Karpenisi created a netwerk of biking routes, and foreign organizations offer e-bikes for rent.

For racing and touring bikes

Most asphalt roads are quiet, because due to the crisis the car traffic has lessened a lot. In the mountains you can plot wonderful tours for racing and touring bikes. Only mind the scattered stones that have fallen on the road!

For mountain bikes

In the mountaineous areas you’ll find lots of dirt and forest roads of varying quality: a real challenge for the mountain-biker! More experienced cyclists can also use the many “kalderimia” (paved mule paths, often with steps!) and cattle paths.

Rental bike or own bike?

With a rented bike you have to await what you get; your own bike needs transportation.

Most airlines offer the opportunity to take your bike as baggage. Ask your airline agent for prices and conditions. The Greek buses (KTEL) allow baggage in the hold, so normally you would be able to take your bike with you, unless the hold is full. On carferries you can always bring your bike, but at the Flying Dolphins and Flying Cats you have to ask this in advance.

Organizations that offer cycling tours with a rental bike, mostly show detailed information about the bike on their website, and have their own service point(s).

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