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Walking in the Pilion

The Pilion peninsula is curled around the Pegasitic Gulf. The sloping coastline along this bay offers lots of sandy beaches and charming villages. The coastline on the outer side, towards the Egean Sea, is more rough and constists of cliffs with hidden beaches and inlets.

A mountain range transverses the peninsula, with mysterious forests and gurgling streams. You may well imagine the roaming Centaurs, coarse creatures with a male torso on a horse’s body. A rare friendly centaur was Chiron, founder of surgery and teacher of Jason and Aesculapios. One of the walks brings you to the magical spot where he supposedly stayed.

On the peninsula you’ll find many historical connecting paths and kalderimia (paved mule paths). Ever more organisations started clearing, maintaining and waymarking these paths.

AnnaHiking offers several self-guided hiking arrangements of various level and tour period. Design your own holiday in this divers mountain area.

AnnaHiking arrangements in the Pilion

AnnaHiking offers self-guided hiking arrangements of different level on the whole of the Pilion peninsula. The walks are on narrow and sometimes steep mountain paths, paved kalderimia, gravel roads and occasionally on asphalt. Generally the paths are cleared and marked. You will find loose stones on your path and steep drop-offs on the sides. You must be sure-footed and fit and not prone to vertigo.
All arrangements may be altered to fit your wishes.

  • Mini-trekking central Pilion (SPWM212I)
    8-day moderate level tour taking in 3 accommodations. Your overnight stays are in the mountain villages Portaria and Tsangarada and on the coast in Kala Nera. You may extend your stay in all locations, we offer 4 extra (circular) walks.
  • Trekking along the 'silk route' of the central Pilion (SPWT212I)
    10-day moderate level tour over the central Pilion. Your overnight stays are in mountain villages and on the coast, every day in a different location. We offer 9 extra (circular) hikes from some of the locations, and you may of cause extend your stay in every accommodation.
  • Trekking along the South Pilion Trail (SPWT222I)
    The “Friends of the Kalderimi” opened a continuous route from the south to Kato Gatzea. We offer this tour with two alternatives, to make it a 6- or 7-day tour, with overnight stays every day in a different village. We also offer a couple of extra hikes from various locations. You may proceed with the last part of the mini-trekking or the trekking in the Central Pilion.
  • South Pilion Trail combined with the eastern coastline (SPWT312I)
    This more strenuous 8-day tour starts with the first stages of the South Pilion Trail. From Milies you veer to the northeast and explore the beaches and coast of the East Pilion.
  • South Pilion Trail combined with the summits (SPWT322I)
    Also this more strenuous 9-day tour starts with the first stages of the South Pilion Trail. From Milies you veer to the north and pass the central mountain range before you reach the coast.
  • Extensions per location
    From several overnight locations more (circular) walks are possible or you may book other activities like horse riding or canyoning. We’ll gladly advise!