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Hiking Pindos with AnnaHiking.

Walking in the Pindos mountain range

The Pindos mountain range runs along the borders of Epiros and Thessalia provinces in the northwestern mainland of Greece. The big rivers Aoos, Arachthos and Acheloos made deep impressions in the landscape causing sharp peaks and narrow deep gorges. The rock is a mixture of soft sandstone, hard schists and watersoluble limestone, creating caves, waterfalls and underground rivers. Beautiful arched bridges built over the rivers are a feature of the area.

AnnaHiking offers several self-guided hiking arrangements from light to strenuous and of various tour periods. Design your own holiday in this pristine mountain area.

AnnaHiking arrangements in the North Pindos (Zagoria)

AnnaHiking offers self-guided hiking arrangements of different difficulty in the Zagoria. Most walks are on narrow and sometimes steep mountain paths. Generally the paths are cleared and marked. You will find loose stones on your path and steep drop-offs on the sides. You must be sure-footed and fit and not prone to vertigo.
All arrangements may be altered to fit your wishes.

  • Light trekking Zagoria (PZWT119I)
    For those you want to explore the area but don’t feel like long daily stages, we offer a light program. The daily walks are at most 3¾ hours without breaks. Luggage is transferred. You may prolong your stay in all accommodations, more (circular) walks are possible.
  • Medium trekking Zagoria (PZWT219I)
    A trekking along all the highlights in the western Zagoria around the Vikos gorge with daily walks of 3¾-5½ hours without breaks. Luggage is transferred. You may prolong your stay in all accommodations, more (circular) walks are possible.
  • Trekking Zagoria with 1 overnight stay in mountain refuge (PZWT319I)
    A hefty trekking with daily walks between 4 and 7 hours excluding breaks. You may prolong your stay in all accommodations, more (circular) walks are possible. No luggage transfer to and from the mountain refuge, all other days with luggage transfer.
  • Extensions per location
    From almost all overnight locations more (circular) walks are possible or you may book other activities like rafting. It’s also possible to make a tour by (rental) car and make (circular) walks. We’ll gladly advice.

AnnaHiking arrangements in the East Pindos (Valia Kalda, Smolikas)

The Valia Kalda and the East Zagoria are unknown mountain areas. Here you’ll find unspoilt nature with alternating forests, lakes, barren slopes, savage streams and waterfalls. It’s the habitat of the brown bear, but you’ll only find its traces. The Smolikas is the third highest mountain in Greece.

  • Trekking ‘the Tracks of the Bear’ (PVWT310I)
    An 8-day trekking through the habitat of the brown bear, in the national parks Valia Kalda and Vikos-Aoos. Start along the Aoos valley, then 2 days on the slopes of the Smolikas. A hefty tour with luggage transfers.

AnnaHiking arrangements in the South Pindos (Tzoumerka)

You’ll walk on the slopes of the mountain ranges Tzoumerka and Lakmos and along the Arachthos river. You’ll encounter local culture in the form of old watermills, a ‘nerotrivio’, a deserted monastery, local musea and UNESCO-protected villages.

  • Mini-trekking South-Pindos (PTWM219I)
    You make a mini-trekking with walks between 3½ and 4½ hours net time (without breaks). One day you’ll have a transfer followed by a walk to the next accommodation, the next day is a (circular) walk from this accommodation. You may extend your stay in all accommodations for a rest day, another walk or a rafting tour through the Arachthos gorge. You’ll stay in a real Epirotic guest house in the UNESCO protected village Kalarrites, a mansion in the mountain village Agnanda and a small modern hotel close to the Arachthos river.
  • Drive & walk
    With your own (rental) car you may use more overnight locations and make more walks. We’ll gladly advice.