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Pilion mini-trekking self-guided 2020
Travel code: SPWM210I
Tour type: Hiking-medium
Travel type: Self-guided mini-trekking
Area: Pilion peninsula
Number of days: 8 (extendable with 4 walks and beach or rest days)
Tour description

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The Pilion peninsula is curled around the Pagasitic Gulf. The sloping coastline along this bay offers lots of sandy beaches and charming villages. The coastline on the outer side, to the Egean Sea, is more rough and constists of cliffs with hidden beaches and inlets.

A mountain range transverses the peninsula, with mysterious forests and gurgling streams. You may well imagine the roaming Centaurs, coarse creatures with a male torso on a horse’s body. A rare friendly centaur was Chiron, founder of surgery and teacher of Jason and Aesculapios. One of the walks brings you to the magical spot where he supposedly stayed.

About the walks
Your first walks are around the ‘garden village’ Tsangarada, which consists of several kernels with each their own church and square. Then you walk across the peninsula to Kala Nera; your luggage is transported. From Kala Nera you make two circular walks and a walk to Ano Lechonia, where you meet the taxi with your luggage to proceed to Portaria. From Portaria you make another circular walk. Net walking time is between 4½ and 5½ hours (that is excluding breaks); most walks may be shortened by a taxi transfer.

You often walk on wide ‘kalderimia’ (historical mule paths), sometimes on dirt roads, sometimes on small and possibly overgrown paths. In the description you’ll find the details so you can adapt your clothes and equipment accordingly. The routes are signposted and show on the hiking map; the path maintenance is sufficient.

We advise you to start the trip trained and fit with well worn-in ankle-high hiking boots. Good shoes enable you to walk without worries about your feet so that you can fully enjoy the surroundings.

The tour is for people who love rural paths and enjoy sea views while walking.

Pilion coastline Pilion waymarks The Centaur path

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